Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between models?

The Basic
The house is completed with all sound structure, a fully insulated and finished envelope inside out. End-user will install all features and fittings of their interest.

The Standard
The house is fully completed as per standard specification provided

The Custom
The house is fully customised tailor as per end-user desires.

How is power connected?

Very much like a motorhome and RV, you will need a 15 amp, 3 pin plug electrical extension cord/lead. The female socket on the corner of the house would require a 15amp cord to be connected to the main power supply.
For long term settlement, a licensed electrician is required to complete the electrical hook up to the mains supply

How is plumbing and waste connected?

Plumbing and waste outlets and connectors are fitted at the corner of the house and ready to hook up with external supply connector for either short or long term settlement.

How do I get Fresh Hot and Cold Running Water?

Coldwater inlet installed and connector is fitted at the corner of the house ready to hook up with the main. The hot water system unit is within the house providing hot water around the house.

Darwing Standard EBS-Block House

What is the size/dimensions of EBS Block?

- Compact size is a size of 20 feet HC shipping container
- Full size: 11.40mW x 6.40mD x 3.50mH

Can you connect more than one EBS Block together?

EBS Block is a modular home. It is built in such a way that connecting more than one together is made possible.
The standard livable are for each EBS Block is 54m2. To extend for a larger home, two or even more EBS Blocks can be placed together to double or triple the size.
Below is an example of how 3 units can be connected up to create a big family home

Do you have solar power options?

Yes, the rooftop solar system will be fitted to the standard model.
Other models can be fitted if requested

Are EBS houses hurricane proof?

EBS-Block made by carbon fibre and other composite materials. It is quite light. Therefore, the house can only withstand wind of up to 200km/h on a solid foundation. It is recommended that a proper footing design should be considered prior to place down the house. To avoid house damaging from tornadoes or hurricane coming up, the house shall be closed back into its container form and strengthen the anchor surrounding the block.

Where is EBS Block made?

EBS Block is an Australian company, however your EBS Block is manufactured in our factory in Vietnam.

Where do you ship to?

EBS Block will ship to all areas of the globe.

We do not charge any extra for shipping cost and insurance cost.

Once the container arrives into your port, it is then your responsibility and any local duties, taxes and port charges is the responsibility of the buyer.

Will EBS Block have the correct standard for my country?

EBS Block works with local distributor to customise the unit to fit the local market including design, building standards and regulation for the area. You can rest assure that all requirements of building regulations are met and will work for your region when purchased from your local distributor.

What is the warranty on EBS Block?

Your EBS Block has a warranty for all parts against defects in materials or workmanship for one years under normal use. During the Warranty Period, we will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of the EBS Block that proves defective. This warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, improper transportation or installation, disasters such as fire, flood, lightning or improper electric current or alteration made to the mechanical parts of the product.

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